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Freshmen Visit Museum of Fine Arts    
In their History through Art class with Ms. Delaney, the 9th grade looked at how human beings have expressed themselves through various forms of art from prehistory to the 17th century Dutch Masters. They visited the Museum of Fine Arts to see original great works of art, some of which they had studied in class.
Juniors Aim for their Goal    
During their Parzival main lesson block with Mrs. White, the 11th grade spent one morning with our athletic director, Ralph Brooks, experiencing physically through archery and javelin throwing what it means to aim for something and then let go to reach a goal, an idea that they explored in class in with their study of the story of Parzival. Through studying Parzival's journey, they explored their own journey through life in aspects such as: separation from what we know, reflection on what we do, acknowledging our expanding orbits of experience, recognition of our effects on others and the world , and ultimately compassion for others as a necessary part of becoming truly human.
Seniors are on the Home Stretch!    
The 12th grade is engaged in a pivotal main lesson: Developing a World View: Ideas and Consciousness. In this class with Ms. Delaney, they explore questions such as, "What is a modern person?" "What do I believe?" "What do I know?" "Who am I?" From ancient times to the present, cultures and individuals have struggled to answer the perennial questions that help define the nature of the human being and our relationship to the world and to the spirit. In this survey course, seniors are reviewing the ideas of the past, exploring those of the present and looking to the possibilities of the future.
Looking to the possibilities of the future is just what the seniors will be doing after this main lesson block as they begin their 3-week Internships on March 10th. They will be joining the work environment in places such as non-profits, schools, businesses and health facilities. Seniors will make presentations about their Internship experience to parents and friends on Thursday, April 3rd, at 7:00 pm.

After their Internships, they will be involved in rehearsals for the all-school musical, Grease.During their last two weeks of their high school career they will have a two week interdisciplinary main lesson block led by Mr. Claus. 

Seniors also look forward to their last high school prom (May 10th), senior outings and other ceremonies before their graduation. The commencement ceremony will be held June 8th,  at 1:30 pm, at The Scottish Rite Masonic Museum and Library, Inc. (formerly The National Heritage Museum), 33 Marrett St. in Lexington.

What have our Seniors been up to?    
Senior Internships
The seniors are off on their internships! Click "More" below to see where they've been!
Happy Thanksgiving from WHS    
International Potluck Lunch
WHS celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday by holding a potluck lunch featuring national and international dishes from our students.
WHS Soccer Season Wraps Up    
Boys Team Reaches Playoffs
The Boys Soccer Team reached playoffs in another successful soccer season for Waldorf High School. See inside for pictures of the Boys and Girls Soccer Teams in action.
WHS Students Getting Around in the World    
2013-2014 Student Exchanges
Currently four Waldorf High School eleventh graders are taking advantage of our foreign exchange program for the 2013 - 2014 school year.
Students Return from Class Trips    
YMCA Camp Hi-Rock, Nantucket Island, and Hermit Island
Each year WHS students participate in fun and educational overnight class trips to various locations in and around Massachusetts.
First Day of School    
2013-2014 School Year Begins
Students celebrated the first day of school with many students exercises designed to introduce students to one another and encourage them to begin working as a team.
WHS School Warming    
Celebrated with a potluck dinner
Students, parents, and faculty gathered to "warm" the school for the 2013-2014 academic year on September 3, 2013.
WHS Summer Basketball Program    
Led by Coach Tim Griffin
Waldorf High School's basketball program focuses on teaching students how to become skilled players.
WHS 2013 Commencement    
WHS Says Goodbye to Seniors
Waldorf High School's Class of 2013 joined the ranks of WHS Alumni at their commencement ceremony on June 9th. This was the fourteenth and the largest class to graduate from WHS. We now have 164 alumni.
WHS Prom 2013    
Students Dress for the Occasion
This years prom was hosted by the Prom Committee and was held at Hotel Marlowe in Cambridge, MA on Friday, May 10, 2013.
WHS Presents "Bye Bye Birdie"    
WHS Presents "Bye Bye Birdie"
WHS Senior Wins Courage Award    
Sean Ramsure Recognized by Referees
WHS Helps Sister School in Sierra Leone    
Fundraising for Goderich Waldorf School

At our Spring Arts Evening, on Tuesday, May 8th, the Waldorf High School of Massachusetts Bay community participated in a fundraiser for our sister school, Goderich Waldorf  School of Sierra Leone.
WHS Honors Community Members    
Distinquished Service Awards Presented
The Waldorf Academy Awards, our spring auction, provided the opportunity for the Board of Trustees and Faculty to honor some outstanding members of our community for their service, support and dedication to Waldorf High School.
The Waldorf Academy Awards: A Great Success!    
It was Fun and our Fundraising Goal was Surpassed
Feelin' the Sprit!    
WHS Chorus Performs at Winter Arts Evening
WHS Parents Offer Matching Gift    
Supporting WHS's Annual Fund Appeal

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