WHS Founding Director Retires

Mara White has been much more than simply a director. She has collaborated effectively with the Board of Trustees and with the Collegium as well as worked with faculty and taught classes herself. Her warmth, keen insight, impeccable judgment, graceful interpersonal skills and deep understanding of Waldorf philosophy have been invaluable. Mara has been a dependable and loyal supporter of not only this High School but also Waldorf Education, in general. She has involved herself with the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA) by visiting schools and consulting. Mara has been a delegate and member of the AWSNA Leadership Council, founded the Administrators’ Network (ANA), and taught in administrative courses for twenty years, and continues to do so now. Throughout her tenure, Mara has kept and advanced the broader long-range vision for our school while still managing daily details, often putting the needs of the entire body ahead of her own. This is the source of such mixed feelings: while I wish for Mara to retain her guiding hand on the tiller, I understand her need to move on to the next stage of her life. She deserves this.
The Board of Trustees has been in the process of affirming a new director, which will be announced shortly. Though we can never hope to duplicate Mara herself, the Board will assure that the school will continue with good leadership. Please join me in congratulating Mara on a job well done and wishing her the best in her new endeavors to support Waldorf education! A letter from Mara follows.

Bruce J. Miller
President of the Board of Trustees
Waldorf High School of Massachusetts Bay

Dear Members of the Waldorf High School of Massachusetts Bay Community,

It has been my privilege and great joy to serve as the Director of our high school since its founding. After nearly thirty years in Waldorf school administration, the time has come to enter a new chapter in my life. My retirement from Waldorf High School is effective June 30th.

It has been a deeply meaningful, at times challenging, and always fulfilling experience for me to serve WHS in this capacity since 1996. I extend my sincere appreciation to my colleagues; faculty, staff and board, to the parents who entrusted their children to our care and especially to the students who matriculated through this school over the years for allowing me to participate in the full and rich experience of founding and developing this extraordinary high school. I find myself profoundly grateful to the first teachers, staff, parents and board members who had the vision to found, then the courage to re-found, this endeavor to provide a meaningful adolescent Waldorf education in the Boston area. My gratitude extends especially to all the students, those in our first four pioneer classes for their willingness to help build the high school, and to the 20 classes of graduates that it has been my privilege to know and care for. I am proud of the collaborative efforts that built the strong academic program and provided artistic and experiential learning opportunities that have served and prepared our students so exceptionally. As well, I have experienced deep satisfaction in the sense of community that benefited us all. I extend my love and best wishes for the continued success of this school.

I will continue to seek ways and opportunities to advance Waldorf education and healthy Waldorf schools as I move forward. I know that what I have to offer the school movement is enhanced and fully enriched by my experiences at WHS. Over the years, WHS has carved a solid place in my heart, and always I will hold my students, colleagues, and this community with respect and my deepest affection.

With sincere appreciation,

Mara D. White
Director of School