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Our Approach

We believe that Waldorf education is uniquely suited to the journey of the adolescent. The task of teenagers is to discover their individual strengths, their unexpected passions, and their lifelong directions. Because learning at Waldorf always occurs on multiple levels--in the classroom and out in the world, with hands and eyes, through art, music, and travel as much as reading, writing, and discussion--our students have an unlimited canvas on which to sketch their identities and envision their futures.
The richness of our curriculum and the opportunity to learn with all our senses and abilities enable us to set higher goals. We strive for every student to develop clear thinking, strong will, and sensitivity. We support them as they find their place within their natural and social environment. At Waldorf High School, every day, every subject, and every teacher is dedicated to these goals.
"What every parent would wish as the best for his or her children, Waldorf education provides. The fullest development of intelligent, imaginative, self-confident, and caring persons is the aim of Waldorf education. The aim is solidly grounded in a comprehensive view of human development, in an intellectually and culturally rich curriculum, and in the presence of knowledgeable, caring human beings at every stage of the child's education."
- Douglas Sloan, Professor Emeritus, Columbia University
We accept students throughout the academic year. Please call 617-489-6600 or submit an inquiry form for more information. We look forward to hearing from you!
Waldorf schools have forged a unique blend of progressive and traditional teaching methods that seem to achieve impressive results: intellectual, social, even moral." 
-Todd Oppenheimer, 'Schooling the Imagination,' The Atlantic Monthly, September 1999‚Äč