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Our Graduates

The colleges, careers, and choices of our graduates

Known for their creativity and self-direction, Waldorf graduates are sought out by college admissions officers because they have "depth to their thinking" and "quiet confidence." Our graduates' years as students at Waldorf High School of Massachusetts Bay enable them to bring all their qualities--intellectual, aesthetic, emotional, physical, and spiritual--to every venture they undertake.The experiential learning that is a hallmark of Waldorf education shapes our graduates' approach to new challenges. They know how to get involved, to think for themselves, and how to translate their ideals into practice.

Our integrated curriculum reveals the links between subjects, encourages the analysis of perceptions, and leads our graduates to think creatively about challenges and solutions. Waldorf graduates know how to examine issues from many angles at once, seeing both the forest and the trees, from the ground and the sky, as a poet and a botanist.

Our graduates value lasting human relationships, know how to collaborate, and seek out opportunities to be of help to other people. Accustomed to integrated study and the making of art throughout the curriculum, Waldorf graduates find that creative expression--through art, music, and words--remains a constant companion throughout their lives.

"Given a choice, I would love to educate a Waldorf student anytime."--Earlham College Professor

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Waldorf Graduates At-A-Glance

  • 94% attend college
  • 47% major in the arts or humanities; 42% in the sciences
  • 89% are highly satisfied in their choice of occupation
  • 82% place ethical principles as their highest priority in the workplace
Source: "Standing Out Without Standing Alone", by Douglas Gerwin and David Mitchell