Community Service

Twenty hours of community service are required for all high school students each year. Our objective is to give students experience in a broad spectrum of service areas in order to instill a greater understanding toward the earth, their community, and people of all walks of life. The following themes are presented as strong and thoughtful suggestions for service, not requirements:

9th grade – farming, trail work, recycling program, animal care
10th grade – elderly
11th grade – tutoring or teaching children
12th grade – serving those in challenging situations (homeless, refugees, ill, those dealing with substance abuse)

Community service assignments must be approved by WHS’ Director of School and verified by the organization. Once verified, it will be applied to a student’s required time and entered into the student’s file.

The 9th and 10th graders will complete 10 of the required 20 hours on their fall trip. If so desired, 9th and 10th graders can perform on-site service before and after school and during lunch to complete the remaining 10 hours due. Notification of these opportunities will be announced at school.

The 11th and 12th graders must fulfill all 20 hours outside of the regular school day. Students can do service towards the coming year over the summer, but service obligations cannot be carried over year to year. Service not completed for any given year will be marked as incomplete on transcripts. Seniors who have not completed community service requirements will receive diplomas only upon completion of this requirement.

It is not in keeping with the spirit of our community service program to combine the Waldorf High School community service requirements with other service requirements from an extra-curricular program. If a student wishes to do so, a written request must be submitted to the Director. Any such additional community service performed beyond the WHS requirement may be reported to the school and will be included as additional in a student’s file after it is verified by the person organizing or supervising that activity.

The “TeenLife Guide to Community Service in Greater Boston” is available on the TeenLife website as well as in the main office. Students and parents may browse through this book in the office.

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