COVID-19 Approach

After a successful spring trimester conducted through distance learning, Waldorf High School is preparing for the fall of 2020. Although this coming school year will look different than in the past, the essence of who we are as a Waldorf school will continue to infuse everything we do.


  • Our enrollment goal is for 2020-21 is 32 total students, for safety and to preserve our personal approach.

  • The 11th/12th grade is currently full. New students interested in entering 11th/12th grade will be placed on a waiting list.

  • We are still taking applications for the 9th/10th grade, which still has a few openings.  


  • Being a small group of approximately 40 people total in a relatively spacious building makes it easier for us to meet and exceed COVID-19 safety requirements as they evolve.

  • We are planning to incorporate physical distancing within classrooms, use of outdoor space, limits on in-person group sizes, appropriate cleaning and hygiene policies, increased air ventilation, symptom monitoring, and use of face coverings as needed to keep our community as safe as possible. Details on our specific policies will be posted here as the school year approaches.

  • We are designing our schedule and curriculum to accommodate transitioning from in-person learning to distance learning throughout the year as needed.


Our personalized, collaborative approach focused on creative work makes it easier to have the flexibility this year will most likely require, with some or all students and faculty working in the school building, outdoors, and/or at home for various periods.

As Waldorf educators, we believe supporting health is the key to all education. This includes physical health and responsibility for public health, and equally includes supporting social-emotional health and a deep commitment to truth and justice as the foundation for healthy intellectual development. These are not separate, and this is a moment in history when challenges must inspire a new vision of health in society, education, and our individual and family lives. It is our commitment to each other that forms the bedrock of our students’ healthy growth into adulthood in these transformative times.

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