Foreign Exchange

Because there are more than 1000 Waldorf schools worldwide, our students have the opportunity to live far from home while continuing their Waldorf education. We are proud of our distinctive foreign exchange program, and encourage our tenth and eleventh graders to participate. Students live with a host family and study at a Waldorf school in another country for a semester, immersing themselves in a foreign culture and language. Our students have attended schools in Germany, Switzerland, Finland, France, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, and South Africa.


Waldorf HS student on exchange in Cali, Columbia Waldorf School

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"Not many high school students have the opportunity to spend six months abroad in a foreign country. During my junior year, I attended a Waldorf school in Gottingen, Germany. Being in Germany for an extended period of time made me realize how much I love the language. That's when I first started to plan to make German a major focus of study in college."     
-- Waldorf alumnus, currently enrolled in International Studies and Economics program at Connecticut College

We welcome applications from students from Waldorf schools throughout the world to apply for an exchange with students from our school. In recent years, we have had students from Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Israel, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Columbia, Japan and Korea. Please note that admission to the Foreign Exchange program is dependent upon the availability of a student from Waldorf High School to exchange to the exchange partner's school.

Please note that for the past few years WHS has offered one foreign language, Spanish, so our exchange program is focused on Spanish speaking countries. Students who study another foreign language independently may choose to apply for an exchange in a country that speaks that language. 

Please contact our Director of School, Cedar Oliver,at regarding any Foreign Exchange Program questions. 


How to apply if you are an international student

In addition to our exchange program, Waldorf High School welcomes international students to apply for admission for short-term stays or our full four-year program. Our international students enrich our school environment with their different experiences, perspectives and cultures. Please contact our admissions team if you are interested in applying to Waldorf High School's International Student Program:

Office: 617-489-6600
Fax: 617-489-6619

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