Foreign Language

Foreign language at Waldorf High School is focused on Spanish. The goal of our foreign language program is to advance students' language skills to the degree that by tenth grade, they have acquired the grammatical skills and confidence to speak conversationally and, by twelfth grade, are sufficiently fluent to read literary classics and do creative writing in Spanish.

Students who are English Language Learners have the option to work with an ELL tutor instead of participating in the Spanish program. 

Language and culture

Our foreign language program teaches Spanish within the context of its culture by exploring the daily life, traditions, and histories of the people who live in the countries where it is spoken. We surround students with poetry, songs, art and movies so that they may experience Spanish at its most expressive and appealing. Both in the classroom and through travel, students discover that learning a new language opens doors to new worlds and opportunities. Through our Foreign Exchange program, tenth and eleventh graders may spend a semester studying abroad to further their language skills and cultural literacy. In addition, our classes are greatly enhanced by the presence of exchange students hosted by our school each year.

Global awareness

At Waldorf, we believe that studying a foreign language creates a heightened global awareness that impels students to look beyond themselves, past the boundaries of their own culture and circumstances. It increases their awareness of minority struggles and cultures, and deepens their understanding of our origins. We value language study for the many ways in which it fosters our ability to cross barriers, to build bridges, to find common ground with others.

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