Founded on Collaborative Leadership

Waldorf High School is an independent, self-administered, collaboratively led institution. Its leadership is divided into three branches that assume responsibility for integrated, yet distinct, areas of school governance. The three leadership groups within these branches are the Collegium, the Board of Trustees, and the Director of School.*



The Collegium is the leadership group for the faculty and is responsible for actualizing and renewing the mission of the school through the curriculum, teaching, teacher selection, evaluation, and mentoring, student acceptances, curriculum planning and development, grading policies, scheduling, student discipline, and all programs and policies affecting students.  The Collegium is comprised of faculty members who have made a long term commitment to the development of the school and to deepening Waldorf education.

Board Executive Committee

The Board Executive Committee is the leadership group for the Board of Trustees.  The Board is responsible for the legal requirements and the financial health of the school through long range and strategic planning, budget approval, setting tuition and fees, oversight of risk management, fundraising leadership, and building and facilities development. The Board assures that the Collegium and Director of School are accomplishing the school’s mission. 


Director of School

The Director of School leads the administrative branch of the school and works in partnership with the Collegium and the Board of Trustees to embody the vision and advance the mission of the school, and to facilitate the steps necessary to maintain the school’s health and promote its development.  The Director serves as the primary point of communication within the school and for the wider community, identifies areas for policy development, implements and assures compliance with approved policies, including student discipline, supports the guidance counselor, selects and evaluates administrative staff, and oversees administrative activities.

ABC Committee

The ABC Committee, representing the Administration, Board of Trustees, and Collegium, is composed of the Board President, the Director of School, and a Collegium member chosen by the Collegium. The ABC is responsible for encouraging and maintaining a good relationship between the Board of Trustees and the Collegium and between the school community and the leadership groups assuring that the governance structure of the school is functioning.  The committee has the authority to resolve any dispute between the Board of Trustees and the Collegium, and meets as needed.


*Respectfully adapted from the Chicago Waldorf School

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