Off-Campus Learning

Class Trips and Excursions

Travel and field trips are an integral part of our curriculum. Frequent class trips allow our students to become aware of the natural world in which we belong. For example, each year our 12th grade travels to Hermit Island, Maine, where they spend one week studying invertebrate sea life through direct observation, lectures, and workshops. Wherever they travel, our students bring home an understanding informed by experience and memory of the natural world, and the impact of humans on it. We also incorporate "main lesson extension days" into our curriculum, which increase the opportunities for experiential learning overall in our program. During Extension Days, our faculty and students are able to take advantage of the excellent resources provided to us in the greater Boston Area. Once a month, main lesson faculty may plan an outing or activity for their class to enrich their learning experience and deepen their connection to course material. 


During their senior year, students take a firsthand look at life beyond high school, as they are released from class to pursue three week internships with businesses and nonprofit organizations. During these Senior Internships, students explore or expand upon a field of interest, and see how skills learned in school can be applied to the workplace. The internships are also an opportunity for students to give back to their community and build relationships between the school and businesses.

Study Abroad

At Waldorf High School, we encourage our students to study abroad. With Waldorf High School being connected to more than 1,000 Waldorf schools worldwide, our students have the opportunity to study abroad, fully immersing themselves in a foreign culture and discovering that they belong to a global community. Our students have attended schools in Germany, Switzerland, Finland, France, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, and Peru. Coming here or going abroad, Waldorf students build their self-confidence and self-reliance as they explore entirely new environments.

Farm Program

In collaboration with a local farm, our students have continued access to a working farm, hands-on experiences, and community service while developing a deeper connection and understanding of the stewardship needed for the complex issues of conserving our environment, and providing equitable food-production and distribution. The program gives our students the unique opportunity to give back to their community and to those in need through distribution of the food they have grown. 

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