Our Graduates

The Class of 2019 was the 20th senior class to graduate from Waldorf High School of Massachusetts Bay, and our graduates throughout the years have gone on to colleges ranging from BU, Wellesley, and Smith to Wentworth, RISD, and WPI.


They are engaged in a stunning array of different careers and personal pursuits, including cancer research, studying bumblebee health, producing music videos, traffic engineering, traveling the world, designing robots, playing polo, interning at National Public Radio, practicing medicine and and practicing law, to name just a few.

Our alumni tell not only of academic and career success, but of deep satisfaction in their personal and professional lives.

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"We know that we can and will change the world. Perhaps this is the greatest responsibility of all.
Waldorf has given me the confidence to take on such a responsibility and the independence to fulfill it.”
-Sara J. Churchill Vaughn, MD, WHS Class of 2003

Glimpses into the lives of WHS alums

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