10th Graders Shine in ‘The Monster in the Labyrinth’

In a short introduction to the 10th grade play, ‘The Monster in the Labyrinth’, Teacher/Director Joseph O’Donnell described the tenth graders as ‘troopers’ for he asked a lot from them in this production. It was clear to all members of the rapt audience on Friday evening that the tenth graders met his expectations and more. With a space, yet beautiful backdrop, various forms of puppetry and spot on acting T’nysha Peete, Alex Topper, Ben Ruigomez, Julie Oliveira, Gero Grunberger and Houston Watkins performed the ancient bronze age story of Theseus and the Minotaur for families, friends and community members. At Waldorf High School, we believe that the richness of the curriculum and the opportunity to learn with our senses and abilities enable us to set higher goals. Thank you to all who helped bring both this goal and this magnificent production to fruition.

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