Commencement of the Class of 2019!

After a record breaking spring of rain, the sun came out for the Commencement of the Class of 2019 on Saturday, June 8th at the Scottish Rite Masonic Museum and Library in Lexington. In her opening talk Director of School, Mara White, described the ways that Waldorf High School focuses and builds on the relationships that the faculty and staff have with the students. At Waldorf High School, we strive to always see the students’ highest selves and support them as they unfold and transform themselves during the teenage years. Most importantly and most accurately, she emphasized that the faculty and staff love the students.

Mrs. White’s remarks were followed by a loving tribute to the class by the faculty sponsor, Ellie Delaney. In her speech Ms. Delaney spoke to the grit, determination and resiliency that this class showed as they consciously set out to build a class community and craft both literal and figurative harmonies together. She also shared some of the graduates feedback on their time at Waldorf High School in their own words. They worked so hard they hurt their brains and celebrated the experience of allowing their souls to touch. Our commencement speaker was Julie Rold, an acclaimed writer, professor at Berklee College of Music and mother to graduating senior Anna Zou. When describing Ms. Rold’s speech the first words that come to mind are hilarious, touching and poignant. However it is hard to capture it for the delivery itself added so much. Ms. Rold shared anecdotes of each student that exemplified how each student is known and loved at the high school. Quoting Tolstoy and his description of the novel she encouraged the students to grab life by the scruff of the neck and love it. She encouraged the students to thrive and grow into the future and to love their life on this wondrous, spinning planet. Faculty advisors went on to share personal anecdotes and stories of growth and accomplishment for eachof the members of the graduating class. These short tributes further emphasized how each student is both loved and known at Waldorf High School. We were also treated to several performances of both the all school chorus and the senior class. Overall, it was a moving, personal and beautiful ceremony. Jarius, Portia, Symone, Jehanne, Livi, Kim, Blessing, Gloria, Willow, Eddie, Anna, Liz, Smaranda, Derek, Sonia and Tariq: we will miss all of you but we know you are well prepared to enter the next stage of your lives and we cannot wait to hear about all of it.

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