Curriculum Trips include canoeing, camping & class bonding

The end of the year curriculum trips are the culmination of the last main lesson block. After reading and studying "Moby Dick" the ninth graders traveled to New Bedford, the former home of the international whaling industry, to tour the whaling museum and visit several buildings and sites that are part of Melville’s novel. The class also spent a day kayaking on the Charles River.

The tenth grade spent the week at Pawtuckaway State Park in New Hampshire. The primary activity was orienteering or learning how to find your way through the wilderness with a map and compass. They spent time exploring on foot utilizing the park’s extensive trails and exploring Lake Pawtuckaway via canoe.

The eleventh grade continued their study of Botany at Nature’s Classroom in Hancock, NH. They slept in cabins, took many nature hikes, visited a local farm and studied the local plants and ecology.

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