Distance Learning Highlights at WHS: Collaborative Coding and Deep Conversations

With one month into our distance learning, Waldorf High School teachers and students have continued to collaborate on creative projects and engage in deep, meaningful conversations.

Students in Mr. Oliver's Information Technology main lesson created these hand-drawn characters, learned to turn them into "sprites" and wrote programming code to set them in motion, and put them together in a collaboratively-created video game.

The Ideas and Consciousness main lesson took up studies of Taoism, Confucianism, Shinto, the Ancient Greeks (Socrates and Plato) and Judaism. Students shared thoughts from their journals on the topics of: the question of God, Good and Evil, Tolerance, Death, and Freedom.

In the Character and Leadership main lesson, students explored what it means to be a leader through research, journaling, and deep conversations. Here is one student's portrait and quote from her research project on Susan B. Anthony.

We are enjoying being "together" even if we are not physically with one another.

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