Grade 11 Science Fair a success!

On January 24, the 11th grade class presented their student-chosen independent research projects at our school science fair. The students have been working on these projects since early September in science track classes with Ms. Swanson and Mr. Oliver. During this time Ms. Swanson and Mr. Oliver guided them through the process of selecting interesting scientific research questions and designing their own experiments to try to answer them. Ms. Swanson says, “It has been an interesting and challenging journey for these students to design, develop and complete their own independent projects, and it was exciting to see their findings across a diverse range of scientific topics, including electromagnetic transportation, optics, the chemistry of crystals, rust, bread, and cement, and tools and toys for people with special needs.” Well done 11th grade. Well done, Ms. Swanson and Mr. Oliver. Congratulations all!

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