Immersives Week

Waldorf HS students are spending this week immersed in the study of one of four subjects: Food and Nutrition, Math-Inspired Sculptural Art, The Human-Animal Connection and The Art of Architecture. Learning will take place both on and off campus with trips to Codman Farm, Wolf Hollow, Lovelane Special Needs Horseback Riding Program, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Boston planned throughout the week.

In Food and Nutrition students will be guided by the following questions: What do we need from food? How does it sustain us? How much is enough?

Students enrolled in Math-Inspired Structural Art will explore the beauty of math by creating three-dimensional structures inspired by geometrical forms and mathematical goals. As part of this study they will create giant polyhedral sculptures (approximately six feet in diameter) and install them in the school as permanent art installations.

In the Human-Animal Connection students will look at the some of the unique characteristics of the complex human animal relationship utilizing video, print material, art and direct observations during field trips.

Those enrolled in The Art of Architecture will explore how we have shaped the space around us throughout time and how that shaped space has affected us.

Immersives Week, a new initiative, is one of several ways that we have expanded our electives this year. Faculty members have been hard at work planning what we hope will be an exciting and fulfilling week for all.

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