In the news... Students Learn from People They Love

The recently published New York Times opinion piece by David Brooks titled “Students Learn from People They Love” is quickly making its’ way through the field of education. Recently, a Waldorf High School parent sent it to our director, Mara White, commenting that it reminded her of our school. In this piece Brooks puts relationship quality at the center of education. He writes: "The key job of a school is to give students new things to love — an exciting field of study, new friends. It reminded us that what teachers really teach is themselves — their contagious passion for their subjects and students. It reminded us that children learn from people they love, and that love in this context means willing the good of another, and offering active care for the whole person."

With our small class size and engaged faculty, we work hard to make this happen at Waldorf High. We couldn’t have been paid a higher compliment.

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