Mary Ann Wells Theater & Speech Arts Fund: Thank you!

On Friday, March 15th, the "Mary Ann Wells Theatre and Speech Arts Fund" was launched immediately preceding the Grade 10 play. In introducing it, Mara White, School Director spoke of how ‘drama has been an essential part of our program since its founding’ and that former teacher Mary Ann Wells’ work in establishing our drama program is ‘woven deeply into the fabric of the school.’ Sandra Ruggiero, who taught in the classroom across the hall from Mrs. Wells, reminded us of Mrs. Wells’ humor, high expectations for her students and personal integrity. Mary Ann’s daughter, Laura Wells Conti, WHS Class of 2000, and her husband, Phillip Wells, were in attendance and recognized during the evening. It was a fitting and loving tribute to Mary Ann Wells. Thank you to all who came out for the dedication and contributed to the fund.

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