"Parcival" Main Lesson

The reading and study of "Parcival" during this main lesson block, taught by Mr. Nicholl, is a highlight of the junior year at Waldorf High School. Taking elements of the well-known and often-told Arthurian legends, this book tells the story of Parcival’s individual journey. It weaves together aspects of the East and West and other ‘opposites’, allowing us to imagine the balance of polarities of all kinds. It is a picture of not only what we might strive for as individuals, but for humanity as well. Some aspects explored through this story are: separation from what we are, reflection on what we do, acknowledging our expanding orbits of experience, recognition of our effects on others and the world, and ultimately, compassion for others as a necessary part of becoming truly human. Students respond to these topics in essays, main lesson books and by creating an artistic project based on their individual journeys.

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