Senior Internships

For the two to three weeks in late January and early February, the seniors were out of the classroom interning in a variety of businesses and nonprofit organizations including the Massachusetts State House, a private company specializing in drone photography, a commuter ferry in Casco Bay, Maine and a sushi restaurant. Jehanne Fitzsimmons described her time interning on a commuter ferry in Maine as “a lot of work and a whole new experience”. Liz Owens spent three weeks shadowing a public defender. Before her internship she thought she might want to pursue a career in criminal law. Now she is sure of it. Ms. Anastasia Elliot, the faculty internship coordinator, praised the students' devotion and focus.

At Waldorf High School we believe that the task of teenagers is to discover their individual strengths, their unexpected passions, and their lifelong directions. Senior internships are one of the many ways that we support our students in pursuit of this goal.

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