Spring Arts Evening

On Wednesday evening our community came together to celebrate Spring Arts Evening. The evening began with a rousing performance by this year’s Destination Imagination team that left the audience laughing and cheering. It was followed by a series of stirring readings by the participants in the Creative Writing Elective. Not only were the written pieces themselves complex and powerful but there was clearly great thought given to the presentations themselves.

The 12th graders then shared three songs from their Ideas and Consciousness Main Lesson. When introducing the seniors, Ms. Delaney remarked that this is a class that ‘has always loved to sing’. This was clear during their performance. This was followed by two poetry readings. The first titled “The Stream in the Forest”, beautifully written and read by Houston Watkins and an excerpt from his epic poem “Illuminations” by Alex Topper. This was followed by several exciting selections from the ballroom dancing elective led by Ms. Michelle Secor. The first half of the evening concluded with a scene from the impressive Class 10 play, ‘The Monster in the Labyrinth’. In the second part of the evening, the all school choir performed several well rehearsed pieces including a stirring rendition of the song ‘Africa’. In addition to the performances there were a variety of visual arts pieces on display including drawing, painting (both watercolor and oil), printmaking, photography and sculpture.

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