WHS: A place where everyone is seen as a "rare creation"

In addition to amazing Thai food, Dan DeHainut’s signature cocktail and delicious student made desserts, our guests at the annual Waldorf High School Gala and Auction were treated to a riveting performance on the life of Emily Dickinson by Mari Andreyco, a professional actress. While Andreyco has played many roles in her acting career, Emily Dickinson is the one she feels is most connected to her heart. This was evident in her performance. Our emcee and auctioneer, Demetra Tseckares Restuccia, a Waldorf High School parent, echoed Dickinson’s words when she praised our high school as a place where every student is seen as a "rare creation."

In introducing the Teresa Raizen Diversity Fund, Mara White, Director of School, spoke of how this fund supports the fundamental gesture of a community of learners where each member of our community is respected and each one’s contribution is valued and how contributions to this fund allow for a student body that is diverse in the deepest meaning of the word. In addition to the Tereza Raizen Diversity Fund paddle raise, there were also live and silent auctions that were generously supported. As always, Ms. Delaney’s gnome was a hit!

Thank you to Robin Nachman, Julie Rold and David Schmahmann for organizing this event and to all those who attended and contributed towards this year’s gala and auction. For anyone who would still like to contribute: https://www.waldorfhighschool.org/giving/

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