Student Organizations

Students exercise their talents as planners, organizers, and producers in a range of student-run organizations and activities.

Student Council


It is the role of the Student Council to articulate and affirm the social environment of our school. Council members are open to receive concerns or issues regarding the health of our social environment from fellow students and faculty.

The mission of the Waldorf High School Student Council is:

  • to represent the student body; to establish formal communication links between the students and the faculty, between the classes, and among the students;

  • to assure a healthy social community within the high school for all students;

  • to discuss and respond to policies and decisions directly relating to the students;

  • to create a place where all students can voice their concerns, ideas, and proposals;

  • to act as representatives of the student body in events and meetings as needed;

  • to help build a sense of community between the High School, the Adventures Pre-School and area Waldorf elementary schools;

  • to reach out to other Waldorf high schools and the greater community around us.

The Student Council is comprised of two representatives and one alternate elected for each of the ninth, tenth, and eleventh grades, three representatives and one alternate elected by the twelfth grade, and a faculty advisor. The Leadership Group, consisting of the twelfth grade representatives, meets weekly to plan agendas and monthly with the faculty leadership. The full Student Council meets weekly.

Student Council Shared Values Statement:

In our school, we value an environment that is friendly, open, and relaxed. We believe that everyone, in all grades, has worth and something valuable to add to our community and that each person should feel comfortable to speak up knowing that he/she will not be unfairly judged, receiving respect for his/her contributions. We value an environment where no one has to compromise oneself because of peer pressure or manipulation, where students can express their individuality within the school guidelines, and where it is acceptable to support our school and value our academic standards. We value a diverse environment where everyone has equal opportunity and is safe from social harassment, which includes teasing and bullying, sexual harassment, and violence


Clubs and Committees


Student organizations reflect the interests of our school, and new clubs and committees are suggested and formed as these interests develop.



WHS' extracurricular Drama Program offers the opportunity for students who wish to explore acting and performance more deeply. In the Drama Elective class sessions and extra-curricular rehearsals, students delve more deeply into choosing a challenging play, interpreting the language, exploring their characters, and practicing and developing techniques to bring a character to life. Students in the Drama Elective work on complex, modern pieces for most of the year, performing plays for the school community in April. Recent performances include Tennessee Williams’ “The Glass Menagerie” and several of his one-act plays, Sam Shepard’s “True West”, Sarah Ruhl’s “Eurydice”, and Frank Wedikind’s “Spring Awakening”.


Model UN

Students are assigned to represent a delegation of a country and join students from other high schools in New England to discuss relevant issues from the point of view of "their" country. This three-day conference at the University of Connecticut follows the procedures of the United Nations.


Outreach Committee

Students on the Outreach Committee have many roles related to reaching out to our potential students and families.  As buddies to students who visit their classes they are important participants in making our visitors feel welcome and comfortable.  During our weekly meetings students contribute their ideas and we talk about how best to make these visits enjoyable.  We write thank you notes to all the students who visit classes.  Members help to plan the open house and participate actively as guides and at the various information tables.  They also help with the set up and clean up of enrollment events.  Throughout the year, several members of the committee will have the opportunity to be trained to represent WHS as panel members for information sessions.  Students may also accompany the Enrollment Director to various feeder schools to meet with prospective students.

Green Committee

The Green Committee, in addition to managing the recycling program at the school, aims to raise awareness and educate our community on ecological issues.

Goderich Support Committee

Since 2005-2006, Waldorf High School has made an annual commitment of support to the Goderich Waldorf School in the Freetown area of Sierra Leone, Africa. Founded to bring a Waldorf education to children of one of the poorest communities in the world it is, at this time, the only Waldorf school in West Africa. Considering this our "sister school", the Goderich Support Committee consists of our students who are willing to give time and effort to raising funds for the medical/health, lunch, and/or building funds at the Goderich school. The funds raised by the committee go directly to the school and have been used for mosquito nets, medical supplies, money to repair/prime water pumps, and more.

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