Tailored Tuition Program

Affordable for Every Family

You can afford a Waldorf High School education. Keeping our exceptional education accessible to families of all income levels is a fundamental value of our school; we are dedicated to serving an economically diverse community from throughout the greater Boston area. Tuition is tailored to each family’s financial circumstances, customizing your tuition to your family’s resources. We cap the maximum tuition at well below most independent schools in our area so that every family benefits from our commitment to genuinely affordable, deeply meaningful education.


To participate in our tailored tuition program, you submit your financial information through School and Student Services, a non-profit used by many independent schools to confidentially assess your resources. Each family’s circumstances are distinctive, and your tuition is tailored to fit your income, assets, and other key factors. If you plan to pay the maximum tuition there is no need to submit your financial details. 

Our admissions process and our tailored tuition process are strictly separate. The faculty do not know what tuition level a family will pay when they decide whether or not to admit a prospective student, and all students' tuition levels are strictly confidential and only accessible to a very small committee that processes the finances. Families can go through the tailored tuition process before, during or after they apply.

The majority of our families pay a tailored tuition level less than the maximum tuition. Here are four example families and the tuition they would pay for the 2021-22 school year:

Annual fees, which cover materials, books, student activities, and curriculum trips, are automatically tailored proportionally, and may total from $30 minimum up to $2,000 maximum.


The tailored tuition program is currently available only to domestic students. The annual tuition for international students for 2021-22 is $41,800, plus annual fees of $2000. An ESL program is available at additional cost. Student exchanges and short-term international visitor programs are also available.


In addition to making the many world-renowned benefits of a Waldorf education financially accessible, our tailored tuition program aims to equitably treat every family in our school community with respect and appreciation for their contributions. Every family’s commitment is essential to make our school possible and sustainable, and we have profound gratitude for the investment each family makes in the future of all our students—as well as the enormous contribution each young person adds to our learning community.

Tailored Tuition Application Process

  • Submit your application ONLINE to School and Student Service (SSS). Our school’s code number is 3776. Fill out a Parent Financial Statement (PFS) form for each parent household.

  • Upload a signed copy of your most recent tax form 1040  to SSS with all supporting schedules, and your W-2. DO NOT send any documents directly to the school. 

  • You can preview the SSS Expected Family Contribution (EFC), the estimate of what your family can afford to put toward education. If there are financial factors that were not covered in the Parent Financial Statement, you may enter those as notes to be considered.  

  • The Waldorf High School Tuition Committee will review your confidential application and notify you of your tailored tuition.

Families of returning students need to complete the above process every year no later than May 1. New families can complete the above process at any time before, during or after the student application process. Tailored tuition is confidential and does not in any way affect student acceptance decisions. 

If you have any questions regarding our tailored tuition program, please contact our Finance Director, Stephen Doyle: or 617-489-6600.

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