Who We Are

Waldorf High School of Massachusetts Bay is an independent day school serving students in grades 9-12 from throughout the Greater Boston area. WHS is a close-knit, diverse community that values and supports each student as a unique individual. We provide an innovative learning experience that inspires students to reach their full potential through a hands-on, deeply intellectual, and arts-infused curriculum.

We accept students throughout the academic year. Please contact us or submit an inquiry form for more information.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Be Yourself

At Waldorf schools around the world in every culture, we believe each life should be unique: Discover what you will do in this life and start doing it now, with friends and mentors who all know, respect, and value each other -- as we are, and as we change.

Create Together

Spend every morning collaborating with a close-knit class of 12-15 to understand the larger story our lives are part of. Each month, you’ll focus on a specific aspect of literature, science, and/or technology and dive deep, experiencing it through dynamic discussion, research, hands-on exploration, and artistic creativity. Spend every afternoon doing real, creative work in studios and exploration workshops you choose. Pursue three work areas each trimester, which can include studios in fine arts, design, handwork, and theater, exploration workshops going out to study and act on issues that matter to you, science project labs, outdoor fitness and wilderness workshops.

Learn Deeply

Learning means more than memorizing what you might need someday. It means learning something real today and figuring out how you’ll do it better the next time. It means having time to breathe, time to build trusting relationships, time to think deeply with a vibrant sense of wonder and curiosity. It means finding out how much impact you can have, and being fully engaged intellectually, emotionally, and physically.

The best preparation for a great life is to practice living a great life now.

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